About us

Grupo de Jovens Engenheiros (GJE)

GJE was founded with the support of the “Ordem dos  Engenheiros de Portugal” (OE), with the main mission of promoting the connection of recent  graduates and future engineers with this professional association and sharing proposals of activities  embraced by the Ordem dos Engenheiros and especially aimed at younger people in order to  promote and give support to recent professionals, guaranteeing a young, updated and everlasting action.

GJE is comprised by full members and interns with the maximum age of 35 years old, involving all the different engineering specialities’ (Colleges) and regions (in Portugal) in which the OE is settled.

Our goals

All initiatives organized by GJE follow the same fundamental goals:

  • To promote contacts between students and future engineers with Ordem dos Engenheiros;
  • To suggest improvements within Ordem dos Engenheiros to better reflect the younger generations points-of-view;
  • To develop original events promoting professional networking amongst different generations;
  • To be involved with similar international groups and associations;
  • To stimulate new interactions between Academia and Ordem dos Engenheiros;
  • To better equip young engineers with real-world knowledge of the job-market and new opportunities.

    Your voice!


    We want to provide experiences that allow young people to interact with their peers, both in Portugal and in Europe, encouraging joint actions and projects, in order to create new opportunities for professional and personal growth.

    GJE Events

    GJE has organized several events especially developed for young engineers and students, promoting knowledge and networking.

    GJE members have made sure to represent young Portuguese engineers in national and international meetings, conferences, and summits.

    International protocols & presence